Tapcart App Integrations

A full suite of Shopify apps at your fingertips.

Enhance your mobile app with your favorite ecommerce plugins.


Tapcart Integrations

Marketing automation, customer reviews, analytics and more.
Choose from a powerful assortment of Shopify app store integrations.


Collect and display product reviews and ratings in your mobile app.

Lift sales by helping shoppers find what they’re looking for in real-time.

Seamlessly display your existing Stamped content.

Tracks events and pipe them into your existing Heap dashboard.

Boost mobile app installs, collect valuable app-related analytics and engage your customers. Run ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp ad campaigns.

Connect with your shoppers in real-time with in-app chat.

Transform your one-time products into subscriptions and grow your recurring revenue.

Keep your app fresh with dynamic content direct from your Foursixty feed.

Customers start typing their addresses. Autocomplete fills in the rest.

From your app, utilize customer reviews to up-sell products and create a unique shopping experience.

Boost engagement and conversions with a fast, optimized search experience.

Allow customers to add products to a wishlist.

Boost sales and retention with a loyalty program that rewards your top customers for joining, engaging, and sharing in your brand community.

Yotpo’s seamless integration allows merchants to reward their customers for actions like making a purchase, referring customers, writing product reviews, reaching VIP tiers and more.



Boost engagement with personalized and highly-relevant push notifications.


Respond to a customer’s intent for a powerful site search experience with typo-tolerance, synonyms, and analytics.


Increase loyalty with advanced customer engagement tools, creating more opportunities to connect with your brand.


Provide the most personalized shopping experience through mobile to increase conversions and remove barriers to purchase.


Customers can easily scan physical products to learn more about them, merging the mobile and retail experience.


Tapcart seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce (requires GA360) to provide detailed and relevant data.