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How Lahana Swim Delights Their VIP Customers with an Eye-Catching Mobile App

Fashion & Apparel

About the Brand

Lahana was founded in 2015 by two sisters with a clear vision to empower women worldwide. The team believes in creating high-quality pieces to make customers feel confident in their skin. Their defined mission made waves in the swimsuit world, and before long, stirred a collaborative movement on social that hundreds of thousands of women have since resonated with.
In addition to their vision of empowerment, their line is deeply rooted in Australian culture. Inspired by the salt and sun lifestyle, the team thoughtfully weaves the Golden Coast culture into their line.
We want the brand to align with equality and body positivity to inspire that inner-babe. Tyler Blair, Director/CFO Lahana Swim

The Challenge

Lahana has always believed in the power of omnichannel marketing. Whether it was a brick-n-mortar pop-up or social media advertising, Lahana has had their bases covered. Investing in an omnichannel approach has allowed them to gain a cult-like following with a steady repeat customer rate. With most of their traffic coming from mobile and massive success on mobile-first social platforms like Instagram, Lahana saw the potential of mobile. They didn’t see mobile as a challenge but more of an opportunity to optimize their conversion on mobile.

The Solution

After exploring multiple solutions for building out an app, the team selected Tapart for its ease of integration with Shopify as well as its 5-star reviews within the Shopify App Store. The overall process was “very straightforward and easy.” From the moment they subscribed, their app was up and running in one month.
Tapcart is a really great platform that easily connects to our Shopify store. Tyler Blair, Director/CFO Lahana Swim

The Result

Lahana had ambitious goals to maximize the performance of mobile, their largest channel of online traffic. The result was a visually stunning mobile app that provided a seamless experience with faster loading times, fewer cart abandonments, longer shopping sessions, a higher average order value, and 6% higher LTV since launching the app in July 2019.
Lahana has also strategically positioned their app as a retention tool, using the app to provide value to 4,000+ of their most loyal fans. The team uses push notifications to reach users with creative alerts about new blog content, sales, collections, and app-exclusive products.
  • $78k

    made in the first 6 months

  • 11%

    of total revenue is from app sales

  • 79%

    increase in AOV in app vs. website

Push notifications generate a ton of engagement for us. They're a direct channel to our VIP network. They're working really well and there's a ton of potential.

Ready to create your own mobile app that increases conversions, boosts customer engagement, and improves retention?


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